Graphical User Interface (GUIs)


Teaching: 5 min
Exercises: 0 min
  • Are there Git GUI applications that I can use?

  • See an example of a Git GUI application

  • Get a list of popular Git GUI applications.

There are a number of different graphical user interface (GUI) apps for Git available which many people prefer for their daily work. You might wonder why we had you start with the command line, if GUIs are available? The main reason is that most GUIs only contain a subset of Git functionality and knowing how to use the command line is necessary to use and understand Git at its’ fullest capacity.

GUI Application Example

Here is an example of a popular GUI called GitKraken being used to perform the following:

GitKraken demo

Application Platforms Link
GitKraken Windows, Mac, Linux
SourceTree Windows, Mac
GitHub Desktop Windows, Mac
Magit Windows, Mac, Linux

Lists of additional applications, free and paid are available at:

Key Points

  • There are a number of GUI applications available for working with Git.