Python for IASSIST

May 31, 2016





  1. 9am - noon - Building programs with Python
  2. noon-1:30p - Lunch
  3. 1:30-3:30p - Pandas, APIs & JSON (Check out the full scrape interwebz github repo from Rochelle Terman)

Other materials

Python Resources

Your library might subscribe to numerous programming e-books.


Data professionals supporting researchers provide valuable services throughout the data management life cycle. According to recent surveys, up to 80% of a data scientist’s time can be spent cleaning, harmonizing and integrating data (a.k.a.: data wrangling). While there are many useful tools available to assist with these types of workflows, knowledge of basic programming can be extremely empowering.

This full day workshop will provide an introduction to Python - one of the most popular and versatile languages in use today.

No prior programming experience required! The workshop will be split into two parts: “Basic Python Programming” in the morning, and “Working with Data using Python” in the afternoon.

Set up

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Participants are required to abide by a Code of Conduct. We are using the Software Carpentry Code for this workshop.


Users will be able to:

Thanks to SageMathCloud for providing the Jupyter infrastructure: