Data Cleaning, Preparation and Analysis in R

November 10, 2016

Resources and materials


Course materials

Data - We will use a few csvs:

  1. Gapminder, you can get that by running this code in R:
gapminder <- read.csv("", header = T)
download.file('', 'data/gapminder_wide.csv')
  1. A zip file of several csv’s:

Unzip those into your ‘data’ folder inside your workshop project folder.




Graduate students and researchers


This workshop is geared to researchers wanting to use R for basic data manipulation and analysis. It will introduce participants to the basics of data tidying and manipulation (notably using tidyr & dplyr), how to set up data processing pipelines, and briefly cover working with a database. We will be using a genomics dataset for this course. This workshop is designed for novices, but we would like you to have some experience with R or have attended the Intro to R course on 11/8.